Abrasives remove material from a workpiece. Sanding discs, sanding belts, sandpaper, deburring tools, and other industrial abrasive products eliminate rough edges, nicks, and notches from metal workpieces or shave off layers of wood. Grinding and cut-off wheels cut, grind, sand, or finish metal, glass, wood, brick, or concrete surfaces. Abrasive-blasting equipment delivers abrasives at high pressures to clean and finish surfaces. Polishing and buffing abrasives leave a smooth, lustrous finish on a workpiece for an attractive appearance. Abrasive accessories such as sharpening stones and abrasive dressing products help keep tools ready for the next job.



    Abrasive Blasting

    Abrasive or media blasting can produce both a cleaning and finishing function for your surfaces. This operation includes the use of a high-pressure system and abrasive to smooth, roughen or remove particles from a surface. Syncsol carries a variety of abrasive blasters and pneumatic blast cabinets, as well as the blasting media that you need for effective surface conditioning and finishing on just about any material. Find sand blaster and abrasive blaster accessories and pneumatic blasting guns to help improve control, for more-detailed work. Choose from our broad collection of dust collectors and accessories help you maintain a clean environment. Get the abrasive blasting products and sandblaster accessories you need for the task at hand.


    Abrasive Brushes and Wheel Kits

    Use abrasive brushes to deburr, polish, finish or buff uneven surfaces. Find brushes with bristles made from all different materials, like wire, nylon, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass or bronze. Pick the tool that’s right for the task at hand, whether it’s a bristle disc brush, abrasive bristle disc-cup shaped brush, end brush or something else. We also have a wide selection of abrasive wheel kits to suit your task at hand. Find all of the abrasive products and accessories you need for your machinery jobs.



    Abrasive Dressing Products

    No matter what material you are working, SyncSol has the abrasive dressing products that you need to achieve that perfect finish, including dressing tools and dressing sticks in a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes. From diamond and CBN toolroom grinding wheels, to truing wheels, to recessed and flaring cup wheels and more—you can find the shape that you need in the sizes and grit that you require, right here at SyncSol.


    Abrasive Rolls and Kits

    Abrasive rolls and sanding rolls help you get the finish your project requires. Eliminate waste by tearing off only the length you need. Our selection of abrasive roll kits give you an economical way to purchase the variety of grits and sizes that you’ll need to be prepared for whatever job comes your way. Shop now and finish your projects with durable abrasives from SyncSol.



    Abrasive Sharpening Stones

    Rapidly sharpen a variety of general cutting tools with abrasive sharpening stones from SyncSol. This large selection of abrasive materials allows you to choose from a wide range of grades. Maximize grinding performance by cleaning and opening the face of the wheels with dressing sticks. Check out these dependable sharpening stones and remove nicks and chips to help create a clean, smooth finish.


    Grinding and Cut-Off Wheels

    SyncSol has a wide selection of grinding wheels and cut-off wheels to help you get the consistent, high-quality professional grinding results that your jobs require. Choose from a range of grit sizes and styles to find the ones that work best for you—from chop wheels, to cup grinding wheels, to grinding cones and plugs; segment grinding wheels, CBN grinding wheels, and more. Whether you’re smoothing weld seams, cleaning castings, or preparing surfaces for plating; removing large amounts of material or sharpening tools, SyncSol has the abrasive wheels you need.



    Deburring Tools

    SyncSol has the selection of deburring tools that you need for removing surface imperfections from your workpieces, no matter what materials you’re working. And stock up on deburring blades, selected from our wide offering, so that you can minimize downtime and make sure that you’re always ready to go. SyncSol full selection of professional-quality deburring tools can help you get the professional results that you need.


    Flap Wheels

    Flap wheels provide a consistent finish with a uniform rate of cut. Designed so the flaps wear away, these products continually expose fresh abrasive for your metal fabrication, deburring cleaning and finishing jobs. Find locking flap wheels, mounted flap wheels and unmounted flap wheels that you need when finishing a job. With the wide variety of styles, you’ll be able to find the exact flap wheel that you need to get the perfect finish every time, no matter what materials you are working with. Shop our entire inventory of flap wheels today!



    Mounted Points and Kits

    Find the abrasive mounted points, vitrified mounted points and resin mounted points you need at SyncSol. You’ll find a large array of shapes and sizes in aluminium oxide, ceramic alumina and cotton fiber for both 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch spindles for all sorts of detail work. You can buy the individual mounted points you need for a specific job or purchase a mounted point kit so you’re ready for whatever project comes next. Browse Tafsco’s large selection to find the exact mounting point you need to get work done.



    Get a clean, smooth surface with the right polishing equipment and tools. Polishers and buffers remove scratches and swirls while producing low- to high-gloss finishes. In addition, polishing tools also fully clean your surface, ridding of bacteria and other unwanted particles. Flexible honing brushes provide soft cutting action and remove burrs from cross-drilled holes. Buffing wheels can efficiently polish metal with their soft material surface. You’ll find everything you need to create the perfect finish with our wide selection of buffers and polishers made with a variety of materials perfect for your task. Find the polishing equipment you need today for a smooth surface tomorrow!



    Sanding Discs and Kits

    Sanding discs and grinding discs remove surface defects, rust, paint and corrosion, and let you shape materials in a way that cutting will not. These abrasive discs from SyncSol also blend mill marks, tool marks or uneven edges to help create the finish that meets your standards. Help increase your production capacity by choosing durable, professional sandpaper discs and grinding discs you can count on.


    Hand Sanders and Sanding Pads

    You can’t sand, smooth, buff or polish any surface material without the right tools and equipment. Make sanding wood, plastic and metal a breeze with the right sanding pads and tools. Find hand sanders and pads to provide a consistent finish on odd-shaped work surfaces. If you’re looking for an economical and sustainable option, opt for tear-resistant abrasive sponges, which can be washed and reused. Use a sanding sponge wet or dry for less dust when you’re working. Shop our large inventory of abrasive tools and equipment to make sanding projects safe and easy.



    Sanding Discs and Kits

    Get the proper tools for your woodworking, metal or drywall projects. Sanding can be done by hand or with power tools, but both processes require one main component: sandpaper. Find the sandpaper that you need in the proper grit size for your particular project. Sand with a light touch with our supply or sandpaper kits of use power tools to scrape off materials quicker. Smooth surfaces, remove layers or old paint or make surfaces rougher with the right type of sandpaper. Abrasive coatings use a range of backing weights and materials such as aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, diamond, emery, garnet, talc and more. Give your next project a smooth finish!


    Specialty Abrasives and Kits

    Discover SyncSol large selection of buffing pads, flap wheels and nylon brushes. Whether you’re sanding down, polishing up or cleaning out, you’ll find the buffing and sanding cross pads, abrasive stars, triangle sanding paper, abrasive nylon brushes and rotary flap peen assemblies you need in a wide range of sizes and grits. Shop with SyncSol to give your projects that finished, professional look your work deserves.



    Surface Conditioning Wheels

    High-performance surface conditioning wheels from SyncSol help you achieve the high-quality finish that you demand, across a wide range of applications. Explore our extensive selection and find the one that you need. Whether you’re deburring, blending, polishing, or any other finishing application. No matter what your process, no matter what the material, you don’t need to search anywhere else for your surface conditioning wheels, because we have the ones you need right here!


    Blasting Media and Tumblers

    SyncSol has a wide selection of tumblers and blasting media to help you get just what you need to cut or finish your surfaces. Easily narrow your media search by plastic, porcelain, ceramic and more with just a click of a button. Save time and get a more uniform finish on delicate or large parts with the help of vibratory tumblers. Once your finishing process is complete, easily separate parts from media with separation screens. Shop today!




Get the proper abrasives you need for all your metalworking projects. Shop our supply of abrasive products and abrasive accessories. Find grinding wheels, sanding discs, sanding belts to safely and efficiently eliminate rough edges. Stock up on sand paper and deburring clothes in various grit sizes to choose the right one for your task at hand. Get the right tools to eliminate microscopic nicks and…

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Adhesives, Sealants and Tape

Whether you need to bond substrates, repair concrete, or secure fastener assemblies, Tafsco has the tapes, adhesives and sealants to get the job done. Shop for duct tape, masking tape and packing tape for everyday use. Find electrical and foam tape for specific applications in just the right width, strength and roll size to meet your needs. And SyncSol selection of epoxy, glues and cements is just as broad.

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Cleaning and Janitorial

Whether you need to bond substrates, repair concrete, or secure fastener assemblies, SyncSol has the tapes, adhesives and sealants to get the job done. Shop for duct tape, masking tape and packing tape for everyday use. Find electrical and foam tape for specific applications in just the right width, strength and roll size to meet your needs. And SyncSol selection of epoxy, glues and cements is just as broad.

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Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment is vital to every job site. Construction crews need electrical products not only to run their equipment, but to install electrical systems into buildings they create. Industrial building managers need the right wires, fittings and switches to make repairs. Laboratories need circuit breakers and push buttons to create electrical components. Field workers need portable power supplies to keep…

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Electronics, Appliances, and Batteries

Shop our enormous inventory of appliances and electronics for your office or facility. Find reliable, brand-name electronics like PA and intercom systems, high-definition televisions and megaphones. Stock up on standard batteries for general use or high-performance lithium batteries depending on your needs. Furnish your workplace’s kitchen and breakroom with dependable, commercial-grade appliances like coffee makers, range…

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Choose from a variety of types and sizes of fasteners at SyncSol. We carry both metric and regular size nuts and bolts, as well as fastener manuals and tech sheets to help you on the job. You can select a single threaded rod or bulk order nuts and bolts. We carry hard-to-find structural bolts, machine screws and must-haves like wedge anchors, washers and rivets. Shop SyncSol for the wood, metal, plastic or concrete fasteners you need.

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Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance

Pick up professional-quality fleet and vehicle maintenance parts, tools and supplies from SyncSol. Find a wide range of oil and air filters, wiper blades, battery chargers, automotive fluids and more to help keep your fleet on the road. State-of-the-art navigation systems can let you monitor fleet locations and map the most fuel-efficient routes. Stock up on spare tires and tire repair kits, brake cleaner and service jacks too…

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Furniture, Hospitality and Food Service

Get your restaurant or hospitality business all of the food service equipment and supplies needed on a daily basis. Shop our broad selection of indoor and outdoor furniture. Find food service supplies that’s catered to your place of business whether it’s laundry equipment for your hospitality facility or exercise equipment for your recreational facility. Find anything from furniture to apparel to cookware to appliances and more…

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HVAC and Refrigeration

HVAC and Refrigeration jobs can be easier when you shop SyncSol first! Get all the heating and air conditioning systems and supplies you need from one convenient source. Find gas, hydronic, oil-burning and portable electric heaters for winter and window fans, refrigeration and air conditioners for summer. SyncSol huge selection of exhaust fans, thermostats, filters and controls will help keep your facility running efficiently year-round.

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Need industrial hardware for your place of business? We’ve got your back. Let us be both your online and local hardware store. We have anything from door closers to hinges to handles to knobs and on. Plus, find locksets, door sweeps and weatherstrip to keep out drafts no matter what season it is. Don’t waste time searching for specific pieces of hardware at separate stores like hooks there and window stripping here. Find everything that you need…

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Choosing the right hydraulic pumps, hoses and adaptors is important because these systems can have long-term effects on your plumbing operations. Find all of the industrial hydraulics that your company needs with our enormous inventory. We have everything from the smallest fittings to 100-ton hydraulic cylinders. Our broad stock of hydraulics and system components has everything you need, no matter the style..

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Lab Supplies

Find a complete inventory of quality lab supplies in a wide range of sizes, materials and designs ideal for every procedure. Count on precise measurements with lab equipment for all your testing needs. Explore a full line of lab tools, equipment and supplies that meet or exceed quality and safety standards. Whether you’re looking for lab chemicals, instruments or consumables, you will find it here. Get the lab supplies you need to conduct…

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No matter what industry you’re in, the right lighting is vital to the success of your business. Shop our enormous inventory of lighting products that are both durable and energy efficient to help you keep your lighting costs down. From LED lighting and lighting fixtures to emergency lighting and more, we have all of the industrial lighting fixtures that you will need. Find the right lighting fixture based on your…

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Keep motors and mechanical equipment well-oiled with our large selection of lubrication products, like silicone lubricant, bearing grease and machine oil. SyncSol has the right synthetic, silicone, food-grade, graphite, water-based or dry formula lubricant to help prevent corrosion and seizing, saving you costly downtime. Find tools for routine maintenance or on-site repairs: grease guns, degreasers and grease fittings…

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Check our large inventory of machine supply today. Find the right fit of machining tools and replacement parts like grinding wheels, screws, large chucks, screws, clamp sets, shims, flag keys, hex keys, clamps and more. Find replacement fine grit sharpening wheel for use with select drill bit sharpeners holds up to carbide, titanium and cobalt metal. Large bit chucks sharpen high-speed steel, masonry bits and more…

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Material Handling

Help keep your workplace efficient, safe and productive with our supply of material handling equipment. We have everything you need to move, store or ship. Need pallet trucks or a replacement conveyor belt? You will find them here. Need wire shelving, cabinets or boxes? They’re here too. Shop our entire material handling supply collection, from carts to trucks to cabinets to dollies to movers and on. Shop our material handling

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Commercial and Industrial Motors

Find the commercial and industrial motors that you need for the task at hand. Shop general-purpose three-phase motors to use where a more compact size and less vibration is needed. Find motors that are specific to systems like HVAC motors for plumbing or just general purpose AC motors. You can find the specific farm-duty, pump or vacuum motor you need here, too. We also carry motor supplies like capacitors and DC speed controls to…

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Office Supplies

Keep your desk drawers and supply cabinets stocked with office supplies from trusted brands, including Hewlett Packard®, Brother®, Bic®, Sharpie®, Swingline®, Quartet®, Fellowes® and more. You’ll find a variety of cleaning products to help keep your office spotless, as well as a premium selection of file folders, calendars, dry erase boards, pens and markers. The large assortment of copy paper and replacement ink cartridges help ensure…

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Outdoor Equipment

Stock up on outdoor equipment essentials from SyncSol We’ve got camping and forestry equipment, temporary outdoor structures, and pest control supplies. For your landscaping projects, check out our selection of cutting and pruning tools, garden hoses, lawn mowers, sweepers, sprayers, leaf blowers, shovels, and digging tools. We’ve even got wheelbarrows, concrete mixers, engines, generators, and fencing. For colder days, stay.

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Paints, Equipment and Supplies

Find the most popular paint, equipment and painting supplies at SyncSol. Select from a variety of coating, primers, paint sprayers and paint brushes for any project, big or small. For total facility projects Tafsco has tools and equipment for wallpaper hanging and industrial concrete floor coatings. Stock up on everyday paint supplies like drop cloths, painter’s tape, rollers and pans and be ready for quick touch-up when you need them.

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Need plumbing supplies? We’ve got everything you need to build an efficient system. Find ball valves for commercial and residential plumbing, filters, filter cartridges and fittings. Looking for an electric or gas hot water heater? We have hundreds, along with all the supplies you need to install them. We carry a complete line of bathroom fixtures, PVC and CPVC tubing. Get all of the industrial plumbing parts and supplies with our inventory.

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SyncSol stocks the pneumatics you need. We carry stationary, portable, rotary screw and piston air compressors for nearly every application. Hundreds of system components are available online, such as pneumatic cylinders, controls and mounting hardware, oil removal filters and pneumatic regulators. Plus we have all kinds of pneumatic tools, including air guns, impact wrenches and grinders.

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Power Transmission

Whether you are making a drive conversion or replacing components like belts and bearings, the power transmission products you choose affect your operations for years to come. Trust SyncSol to bring you the best products from top manufacturers. Rigid clamp and jaw-type couplings, v-belts, bushings and sheaves are available online, along with the repair parts you need to keep your systems running smoothly.

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Keep your business up and running with our wide selection of pumps. From water pumps to chemical pumps to rotary pumps and on, we have the equipment you need. We stock everything from booster pumps for irrigation systems to multistage centrifugal pumps for submerged oilfields. We also carry sewage and sump pumps, air-operated diaphragm pumps and hot water circulating pumps.

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Raw Materials

Keep your facility up and running with our selection of raw materials and products. From plastic sheets to rubber rolls to copper rod stock and more, these are just a few of the many raw products that we have in stock. Whether you need an alloy steel ball or a carbon steel rod, you will find it — and in the hardness and thickness you need. Make sure that your projects use some of the toughest, most organic materials on the market.

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Reference and Learning Supplies

Whether you manage your operation’s safety program or run a school or public library, SyncSol offers materials to help educate your people as well as maintain security over your organization’s educational assets. Find detailed handbooks on specific topics, get safety training programs in written form or on DVD, or dig into our detailed, informative fastener manuals.

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Safety Equipment

Safety should be a priority for your place of business, no matter the industry. All jobs are different and as a result, so are the work conditions. Obtaining workplace safety means the right equipment, tools and accessories. Safety gear refers to protective clothing, helmets, goggles or other garments designed to protect your employee’s body from injury or infection. Shop based on your company’s specific needs for full compliance with safety regulations.

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Protect your facility with security products from SyncSol. With thousands of security products available, SyncSol is your single source for trusted brands and top-quality products that fulfill your requirements. We stock two-way radios, all kinds of keyed padlocks and access control locks for your facility. Looking for an alarm system? SyncSol also carries a wide selection of fire alarms, motion sensors and wireless alarms.

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Test Instruments

Professionals demand reliable, accurate test instruments to help isolate problems, maintain vital processes and solve problems before they interrupt workflow or cause hazards in the facility. We have infrared thermometers, pressure gauges, analog and digital multimeters, and hundreds more products to diagnose and fix problems. Shop our large inventory of industrial testing equipment to ensure that you get accurate results every time.

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Hand and Power Tools

Shop our huge selection of hand and power tools for every trade and task. Our hand tools list ranges from pliers to pryers to pullers and on. Shop by tools names or industry type to find exactly what you need. Ensure proper bolt tension with our inventory of micrometer torque wrenches. For precision measuring, look to our selection of laser levels, tape measures and measuring wheels. We stock hundreds of cutting tools like bolt cutters.

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Welding Equipment

Welding is a dangerous business. Whether you need arc welders, TIG torches or MIG welding wire, we have the welding tools and equipment you need to stay safe. Choose welding helmets, plasma cutters and a wide array of other welding products from top manufacturers that deliver the safety and performance you need. You can even find the proper furniture to make the task easier like welding tables and accessories.

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